Fix and Flip

Fix and Flip Loans

7 Reasons why you will want to find out more about McMann's Fix & Flip, Rental, Rehab and Rebuild Residential Commercial Investment loan programs.

  1. Fix & Flip loans with rates as low as 6.99%. UP to 1 year IO available.
  2. Finance up to 90% of acquisition costs and 95% of renovation expenses or 75% of after repair value.
  3. LOC can be used for residential and multi-family properties up to 20 doors.
  4. Cash Out to 75% of appraised value after 3 months seasoning.
  5. Lines of credit up to $10 million and single property loans from $50,000 to $3 million.
  6. Extremely competitive 5, 10, and 30-year fixed rate asset-based rental loans with no tax returns or personal income required after the F&F is ready to rent and hold.
  7. This Private Money program has approved over 2,000 borrowers and closed more than 4,000 loans totaling over $1.5B in volume.

Program is not equally available in all states and counties check with your loan consultant for more details.

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