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McMann Capital™ is a national lender offering fix and flip loans, short-term interest only bridge loans, conventional loans, business lines of credit, and SBA loans nationwide!


Borrow for the acquisition of investment residential and commercial properties.

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Get financing to buy-out your business partner(s) or your passive investors.

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Secure a cash-out refinance to use the equity in your property for business purposes.

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Credit Lines

Get a business line of credit for real estate acquisitions or development.

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Debt Consolidation

Consolidate multiple business debts into a single loan with one monthly payment.

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Refinance existing or maturing debt on your investment or business use properties.

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Financing for fix and flip projects as well as renovations for existing properties.

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Working Capital

Tap into the equity in your properties to get working capital for business operations.

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Why work with McMann Capital™?

McMann Capital™ is a nationwide lender for fix and flip loans, bridge loans, conventional loans, and business lines of credit.

  • Flexible Payment Options: You have the option to get a loan with interest only payment or principal and interest.

  • In-house Underwriting: Underwriting for our loans is done in-house with our highly experienced team.

  • Expert Lenders: McMann Capital™ brings years of real estate financing experience to the table.

  • No Hidden Fees: There are minimal out-of-pocket upfront expenses, and no hidden junk fees.

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The process

What is the Process?

At McMann Capital™ we have streamlined the process of getting a commercial Loan into three simple steps.

  • 01

    Complete our simple online application. You can click here to apply now.

  • 02
    Receive Offer

    If approved, you will receive an offer; simply accept the terms and requirements to move forward.

  • 03

    Upon final approval, a closing will be scheduled and coordinated, at which point you will sign and get funded.

With over 4,000 loans closed with over 2,000 borrowers totaling over $1.5 billion in volume, McMann Capital™ is your trusted source for commercial loans.

Property and Loan types

We offer financing for a broad range of property and loan types.

Financing for multi-family properties including duplexes, triplexes, fourplexes, garden apartments, and multistory apartment buildings.

Loans for fix and flip projects including teardowns, cosmetic renovations, and complete overhaul renovation projects.

Financing for transitional income producing properties with growing occupancy rates, but currently in occupancy deficiency.

Financing to acquire, refinance, or cash-out of income producing properties including residential, commercial, and special use.

Loans for mixed-use properties including retail and residential combinations, office and residential, and hospitality with residential.

Short-term bridge loan financing to bridge the gap until a property can qualify for long-term conventional financing or be sold.

Financing for the ground-up construction of investment residential, commercial, and special or single use properties.

Conventional financing at bank-able terms for a broad range of properties that are income producing and fully stabilized.

Government guaranteed real estate loans for properties that are 51% (60% for construction) or more business owner occupied.

Commercial Financing Made Easy

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Easy, fast, and cost-effective business purpose financing options.