Build-Up Program

This a program that will overcome a 65% occupancy deficiency and still get you a fixed rate in the 5's?

With this “Bridge to Term” Loan, you get some major advantages over the typical CMBS or Insurance Company Loan. For instance, a property with an assumable loan is an easier property to sell, when the time comes. Imagine if, when you’re ready to sell, interest rates are 2-4% higher than what you are paying. This will help enhance the marketability of your property to potential buyers, translating into higher sales proceeds for you. You also avoid pre-payment costs. This “Bridge to Term” also has some other benefits not easily available from other lenders that make this “Build Up Loan”, the loan of choice over CMBS or Insurance Companies.

  • Office, retail, industrial, multifamily, self-storage, and mixed use. Others considered on a deal-by-deal basis.
  • Existing Class A and B properties, no ground-up construction.
  • Nationwide in primary and secondary markets.
  • Individual properties from $1 to $10 Million. Initial funding for Multi-Property pools up to $100 Million.
  • Non-recourse to key principals with standard bad act carve-outs.
  • No Minimum DSCR.
  • Lease up phase up to 7 years IO, normally 3 to 5 years with extension.
  • Exit fee reduced when converted to a term loan saving the borrower thousands of new loan and legal cost.
  • No Defeasance. Prepayment protection tied to expected hold period.

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